10 Jan 2020

To begin our first week back of the new year, 9R created an ebook about their Christmas holidays on the iPads. They used some wonderful pictures to show us what they had done. It all looked very fun and exciting! Our new topic is food glorious food. So on Tuesday we watched Oliver. The songs were a big hit but the food and gruel was not! So we decided to make our own jelly and porridge in our food technology lesson. 9R made strawberry and raspberry jelly, on their own, and ate this in golden time on Friday... there was none left for staff! We also made our own porridge, using oats, water and milk, and some lovely toppings. 9R made the porridge fantastically and all really enjoyed eating it after! They said it seemed much nicer than what was served up in Oliver. 


9R first week back 2020

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