9G enjoyable week 4/10/21

4 Oct 2021

Last week was a very arty week in 9R as we looked at the seasons and in particular Autumn and all of the beautiful Autumnal colours that we are beginning to see on the trees and bushes around school. 

We made some really lovely stained glass backgrounds using coloured paper of various hues…

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9R Hello 10/9/21

10 Sep 2021

9R have had a busy and enjoyable first week back after the long summer holiday. It has been lovely to see them catching up with their friends and myself, Ms Lea, and their class teacher, Mr Smith, have spent lots of time getting to know the students through activities,  online games  and fun…

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When Steve, Dave and Bob visited 9R

10 Jun 2021

On Thursday Steve, Dave and Bob joined 9R for the day.

9R were very excited because they had heard so much about them during nurture.

They asked Sarah lots of questions about them which she was able to answer with lots of information and then 9R were able to look and see if they could spot…

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