14 Jan 2020

This week is Religion week at Astley Park School.

8G are learning all about Christianity. Yesterday we spoke about what Christians believe and the rules that they follow. We talked about why the symbol of a Cross is important and where Christians go to pray.

We then made amazing pictures using paint, masking tape and different objects to paint with. We covered the paper in paint and today, once dry we have peeled the tape off to reveal a perfect Cross.

Today we spoke about what we learnt yesterday and we all remembered lots of the information!!!

We looked at lots of pictures of Churches and their stained glass windows. We then went on to make our own stained glass windows using tissue paper.

We are sure you will agree they look very impressive!

Super work 8G :-)


8G learn all about Christianity

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14 January 2020

That’s fantastic work everyone.

14 January 2020

That’s fantastic work everyone.

Julia Hitchen
15 January 2020

Beautiful work 8G, the stained glass windows are lovely. Well done everyone!

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