19 Jan 2021

Hello everyone, please enjoy this blog to help you learn about the religion of Hinduism. This blog has been researched and written by Grace in Willow class. I hope you enjoy learning about this religion.- Miss Riley, Willow Class


What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is a religion practiced by Hindus that is popular all over the world.

They worship lots of different gods.

Do they have a deity or key figure linked to Hinduism?

Hindus worship lots of gods. There is Brahma who created the universe, Vishnu who preserves it and Shiva who destroys it.


Where is Hinduism practiced? Is there a special place of worship?

Hindus go to their temples to pray and offer worship to their gods.


What is the name of the holy book of Islam?

The holy books are called the Vesdas. There is more than one Holy book in Hinduism.


What values does Hinduism teach?

Hindus believe in being good people to get good Karma. They believe that if you are good then good things will happen to you.


Does Islam have any special days or festivals?

Hindus celebrate Divali the festival of light and Holi- the festival of colour. 


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