25 Mar 2021

It has been another jam packed week in 8G as we prepare for the Easter break. In My Communication and My Thinking and Problem Solving lessons the pupils have been busy seeing how much progress they have made with their reading and number skills.

In our World About Me lesson we looked at the heating up solids (butter and chocolate) until they melted to make some fabulous Easter cornflake cakes. This session also involved the pupils weighing and estimating their ingredients. We finished our week off by having a Easter scavenger hunt. 

I would like to say how proud I am of the efforts the pupils have made to adjusting to being a whole class again. Each and everyone of the 8G’s class has shown fantastic friendship and social skills as we came back together.


Have a relaxing and safe break 8G! You have earned it!

8G week before easter



Mr Massey 

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