23 Apr 2021

This week 9R have taken part in some magical lessons.

On Tuesday we had Potions again  with Professor Clarke, which was lots of fun. We made a fizzing potion and a magic potion that went from a solid to a liquid and then a solid again and we only used ingredients that you can buy at the shop - the recipes are in the photos.

On Wednesday Madame Cobham and Madam Zara took us to Ollivander’s Wand shop again and we selected our wand and the core. We measured our wands and made labels with all the information no two wands were exactly the same. We can’t wait to learn some spells next week.

On Thursday we had Magical Games with Professor Bigio, it was lots of fun working together and trying new things.

Our class read is Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone and we are already up to Chapter 11!

Hufflepuff are house of the week for working hard, showing great teamwork and looking out for each other.

Our Star of the Week this week is Callum for putting 100% effort into his work and being thoughtful and caring with everyone in class - well done.

I wonder what magical lessons we’ll be taking part in next week.




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