23 Apr 2021

8R have had such a busy week this week earning so many team points for Gryffindor and Slytherin. 
We were all sorted into our teams last week and have been earning team points the last 2 weeks. So far... Slytherin have the most points. 

This week we have carried on looking at newspapers and have looked at the newspapers that are in the Harry Potter books and films. We did some super work and found lots of the features of newspapers in these. In a few weeks we will be writing our very own newspaper report all about what happened to Harry Potters parents.
In our maths we have had a recap of our money and time work. We have all remembered soooo much and Miss Brophy was so proud of us.

We have done some magical science experiments the past 2 weeks. Last week we created our very own gooey potion using water, cornflour and food colouring. We experimented with what happened when we put different amounts of water and cornflour in the bowl. It felt so funny when we put our hands in it. We loved it and will definitely do it again! This week in our science lesson we explored the magic of dissolving. We used skittles and different temperatures of water to see how fast the colour could move from the skittles into the water. We managed to create some super patterns.

We have enjoyed lots of time outside this week while the weather has been nice. On Friday afternoon we had a little treat from Miss Brophy and had some ice pops. Then we sat outside to read some of our class book, Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. We are loving reading this book and have answered some super questions all about it.

We hope you all have a super weekend... watch out for those wizards... or the muggles!


8R have a magical week

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