17 Mar 2023

What a strange week it has been this week with only being in for 3 days! Apologies for the lack of photos.

On Monday we went swimming again at Hindley swimming pool. We are getting into a good routine with swimming now and we are very proud of the distance that pupils are covering with their swimming. The majority of the class are now swimming lengths which is incredible! Paula our swimming teacher has suggested that pupils continue to swim regularly once these sessions have finished (we have two more sessions left) with family’s so that they can build on what they’ve already achieved this time.

In the afternoon, Group 1 went to the café with Miss Greenwood and Mrs Fisher. In class, Mrs Cobham led our recap session for PSHE Sex Education and re-read Where Willy Went with the class. She was really impressed with the knowledge that the pupils retained and how sensible everyone was when taking part in the discussions.

When Mrs Fisher and Miss Greenwood returned from Asda, we all sat together to take part in our Guess Who quiz. A massive thank you to everyone who sent in baby/younger photographs for us to use. We had lots of fun trying to work out who was who and there was lots of “awwww how cute” and chuckling at previous fashion. It was also Lily’s birthday and she very kindly brought in some sweets to share with her friends, so these were eaten during our quiz game.

On Tuesday it was Ty’s birthday and it’s safe to say, he milked it for all it was worth! He very kindly brought some cakes in to share with his friends around school and enjoyed delivering his cakes to his chosen people. Back in class, everyone was taking part in an Art session to make a gift for them to give to someone special on Mother’s Day. Mrs Cobham led this, and pupils really took their time, following instructions carefully and completing the majority of steps independently. We hope you are pleased with their results (they will have brought them home tonight).

In the afternoon, we couldn’t let two birthdays pass without a little celebration so we played some party games in class to celebrate Lily and Ty’s birthdays. This was finished off with some singing and a big piece of chocolate cake!

On Friday it was Comic Relief Day. The theme this year is Mr Men and Little Miss so we all got to take part in a hunt around school to find the characters that Miss Bibby had hidden for us. In class, we finished off our wonderful Mother’s Day cards and gifts ready to bring home for Sunday.

Star of the Week in 10G this week was Tyler! A huge well done to Tyler for some amazing swimming on Monday. He is very nervous in the water, especially when having to go out of his depth but with lots of encouragement and reassurance from Miss Greenwood, Tyler swam 2 full lengths and even stayed in the deep end and practiced treading water. Brilliant work Tyler!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy Mother’s Day!

Mrs Fisher, Mrs Cobham, Miss Greenwood and Miss Smith

10G Spring Week 10

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