Over the last couple of weeks, 11R have explored Hinduism for our World Religion learning. We have spent time looking at Hindu celebrations and learnt all about how Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. We learn about how Hindu's celebrate Diwali by creating intricate and colourful patterns called 'rangoli', and we then had a go at making our own! Some of us used coloured pencils and some of us used coloured rice to create these colourful patterns.

We also spent time looking at Hindu places of worship around the world and how the architecture differs. We then explored lots of different Gods and Goddesses that are worshipped by Hindu’s.  We learnt lots about the symbolism of the Gods and what they wear and hold in their hands.  Learners spent time discovery learning and using mind-maps to record the information they found out.

This week we also visiting the Gujarat Temple in Preston. We were greeted by Rupal who was kind enough to show us around the temple. We went in and were shown all of the different areas of the temple and Rupal explained what statues people prayed to and what for, as well as what kind of offerings people gave to the statues when they prayed. We sat and did some meditation as a group and then we played some tambourines while Rupal sang a traditional song. We want to say a big thank you to Rupal and the Gujarat Temple for this interesting experience!

This week we also got a visit from our class Governor Mick Maher who came to see us. He came on our morning walk and also listened to us read. Thanks for the visit Mick!

Mrs Powell, Mrs Woods and Miss Carter