This week Beech Class have been exploring the different types of weather. 

At the start of the week, we explored the rain. In attention autism, Mrs Barrand used an umbrella to protect herself from the different types of rain. We used sparkly glitter, hailstone rice and some of even got sprayed with the water. 

We have loved putting our waterproofs and boots to splash in the puddles, and have enjoyed using buckets to catch the rain. 

On Tuesday, we enjoyed playing in colourful spaghetti, watching Mrs Barrand make a beautiful rainbow and had a turn at making our own. 

We have also loved exploring the snow. Some of us had a turn at painting with some very cold ice while others loved sprinkling the snow on our hands. 

To end the week we looked at the sun. We enjoyed exploring the sand, watching Miss Seddon make a hand print sun and coloured in some lovely pictures. 


What a busy week!