18 Jun 2021



On Friday we celebrated Italy day in school.

We had a non uniform day and some of 9R came dressed in red, white or green.

We tried Caprese Salad - mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil, Michael noticed that it was green, white and red like the Italian flag. The classroom smelled of basil for the remainder of the day.

We made Italy flags and put them in our classroom windows.

We watched a video about the Palio which takes place in Siena, it a horse race where 17 horses and riders each from a different contrada, it’s very noisy and there are lots of people, Mrs Cobham's Aunty Janet lives in Siena. Mrs Cobham brought in her mum’s scarf from Siena that shows the Palio.

We looked at different places in Italy and in pairs we researched them.

We also did some counting in Italian.

In the afternoon we had ice - cream which is called gelato in Italy.

It was really good learning about a different country.


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