Italy Day in Chestnut Class

18 Jun 2021

Today, Chestnut Class have celebrated Italy.

We all wore the colours red, green or white, and listened to some traditional Italian music.

For 'What's in the Box', Miss Beck made a big Italian flag out of all different sensory materials.

Chestnut class then all had a go at decorating our…

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Verde, Bianca, Rossa

18 Jun 2021

9G have had a fabulous Italy day for Modern Foreign Languages. 

9G started the morning by coming in their green, white and red clothes. We then listened to a story about a girl called Angelina who loved pizza and went to visit the leaning tower of Pisa. 

We then listened to some Italian…

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Italy day- The Mona Lisa in willow class

18 Jun 2021

Today in Willow class we have been learning about The Mona Lisa . 

We learned lots of interesting facts about where the painting came from, what events have happened surrounding the Mona Lisa and practised lots of fun Italian words. 

The children listened really well and even had a go…

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