25 Jun 2021


Wow, what a busy week you have all had 10G. This week has been sports week in Astley Park School. We have taken part in a variety of different activities and had so much fun trying them out. This week we have done the egg and spoon race, football and rugby, orienteering, the rainbow run and basketball. This is what the pupils have all had to say about this week:

Faith- “ I liked basketball because it was fun!”

Calum- “ I enjoyed basketball because you get to bounce the ball”.

Alex M- “I liked football because it was fun.”

Hayden- “I liked the egg and spoon race because it was good.”

Dylan- “I really liked the egg and spoon race because I stopped the rolling of the egg.”

Alex- “I liked football because I kicked the ball far.”

Jamie- “ I enjoyed the orienteering because I liked using a map and liked scavenger hunts which is like orienteering.”

Amelia- “I liked basketball because I bounced the ball a lot on the floor.”

What super stars you have all been this week 10G. It has been great seeing you take part in a variety of different sports activities and you all did incredibly well. Well done! 

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