2 Jul 2021

This week in Oak class we made sandwiches that look like ships! We watched Miss Curry butter a slice of bread, add some ham on top, butter some more bread and then sandwich it all together. Then Miss Curry surprised us by making a sail for our boat with a cocktail stick and a slice of cheese! It looked so good that we all wanted to have a try. Our teachers let us try to make a boat ourselves and helped us if we got stuck. The best part was eating the pirate ship sandwich, it was super yummy. 

We have enjoyed practicing writing again in Oak class. Our teachers wrote some words and some numbers for us to copy and then we tried forming them on our own. Our teachers were so proud of what we did and we were too! 

We loved our My Creativity activity; we made our very own Plankton’s from cardboard tubes, paper shapes, pipe cleaners and green paint! Miss Troughton showed us the things we need to do (we helped paint Plankton and Miss T’s hand!) and then we followed the instructions which showed us again what we needed to do. Have a look at how good our Plankton’s look below and maybe you could have a go at making one too! 

Another fantastic week. Well done, Oak class. You have made so many good choices and have been very kind with your friends. 


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