17 May

Week 5 in Chestnut Class

What a fantastic week in Chestnut Class!

This week learners have been accessing the community in small groups. Learners have visited Nuffield Health Centre for swim sessions learning to follow instructions in water and practising their dressing skills. Pupils have been to Astley Park with Mrs…

2 May

9A summer 1- week 3


This week in 9A, We have started to read our new book The Tin Forest, we had a think about the things we might find in a forgotten place full of things people didn’t want any more and We’ve created some lovely art work based on the descriptive words in the story. 

We have had some problems…

2 May

Week 3 in Chestnut Class

This week Chestnut Class have continued learning about UnderThe Sea through Attention Autism, Sensology, Creative tasks and in the continuous provision. Learners have been practising their independent travel with Mrs Lane transitioning around school and on visits to Astley Park and small groups…

26 Apr

9A summer 1 - week 2

We have had another lovely week in 9A this week. 

We have finished reading our fantasy book ‘ Leon and the place in between’, all the learners have enjoyed reading the book and creating their own magical place. They also wrote some fantastic descriptive stories about what they thought Leon…

26 Apr

Awesome Oak Class

This week, we went to the park, we enjoyed going on the slide and the swings, it was very fun.

On Wednesday morning some of us went to Asda, we all had our own shopping lists with us and all had one item to get. We went to the till and we all scanned our items and then we put the money in…

26 Apr

Week 2 in Chestnut Class

This week in Chestnut class we have continued to learn about under the sea through joint attention and communication sessions such as Attention Autism, Sensology and a story about The Rainbow Fish. During My Creativity we have learned to print repeated patterns using different tools including…

19 Apr

Chestnut Class explore under the sea

This term Chestnut class are learning all about the seaside. This week we have enjoyed lots of creative tasks linked to our topic area- printing including bubble wrap print, lids and other household items to make repeated patterns and we will be continuing to explore printing over the coming…

19 Apr

Spring Term - 7A

Wow, Spring Term flew by for 7A!

During the Spring Term, we did lots of fantastic learning - working on our functional life skills, our Aspirational Learning Goals and our Curriculum Learning Goals.

In My Communication based lessons, we learnt about Acrostic Poems in Spring 1 and Postcards…

18 Apr

First week back in Oak class


This week, we have been very busy in Oak class!

On Monday, in food tech, some of us made tortilla pizzas and some of us decorated digestive biscuits, with icing and sprinkles.

We have all visited the park this week, we loved playing on the equipment at the park, with our…

28 Mar

Easter in Chestnut Class

This week Chestnut class have been busy getting ready for Easter!
In Food tech we have enjoyed practising our spreading skills by preparing hot cross buns for snack time. During creative tasks we made egg shell cards using primary colours and repeating patterns and decorating foam eggs. In…

22 Mar

Chestnut Class celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

On Thursday 21st March Chestnut Class celebrated World Down Syndrome Day. The theme this year is # End the Stereotypes. The day is represented by lots of socks because chromosomes look like socks!  We wore brightly coloured socks or odd socks, designed socks using the primary colours and balloons…

4 Mar

9A spring 2 week3

On Monday morning we recapped on fractions in Maths especially quarters, we are all getting really good at them. After break the girls went to girls group and the boys did some reading.

In the afternoon we did some reading comprehension about evacuees and their parents in WW2 and we answered…