Well what another wonderful week we have had in 8A. Miss Bentham has been working hard teaching us how to keep ourselves safe online. Some of the pupils were shocked to learn that Alexa listens to everything we say and will link to our phones or iPads to try and persuade us to buy things Alexa has heard us mention.

With Miss Anderson we have been learning about surrealism in Art and Creativity. Check  out some of our pieces of art in the pictures. The pupils gave us really great describing words when discussing the paintings used. 

In PE we continue our theme of dance. This week was a very positive lesson which involved lots of laughter and great participation. 

In Cooking and Nutrition this week we made Oreo or banana milkshakes. These proved a great success and Miss Bentham was treated to one of each. We still don’t know which was her favourite, but she enjoyed them both.

Golden time saw some of our pupils enjoying time with Chestnut class which included lots of flour so apologies for Olivia’s and Teegan’s uniforms today. It’s  a good job it’s Friday, but by the smiles on their faces you can tell how much fun they had.

Our Star of the Week this week was Joseph, he has counted independently up to 36 in twos. A huge well done Joseph.

Lastly we celebrated Mr Crew’s birthday in class with pizza. It’s actually on Saturday but we all sang happy birthday to him. Somehow he managed to dodge a photograph, but he certainly enjoyed celebrating with us.