On Monday we were right back into lessons, starting off the day with a functional maths lesson on money. We used coins and notes and practiced identifying coins and how much each coin was worth. We looked at how many pennies were in a pound and how to add money up.

In the afternoon we had our science lesson on forces where we did an experiment making a water turbine out of cartons. We all made one and then took them out to the front of school to try them out. We hung them over the flowers beds and gave them a spin to get them going, and then we say how they spun the water out.

On Tuesday, we had our first trip of the term out to Lytham St Annes! We braved the wind and went with our friends in 11G. When we arrived, we went into the arcade on St Annes Pier and everyone got to have a go on whichever machines they wanted. Most of us decided to have a go on the 2p machines to win some tokens for the gift shop. After this, we swapped with 11G and had our chippy lunch. It was a bit rainy and we had some cheeky starlings try to steal our chips, but everyone really enjoyed their food! We also had a little walk along the beach front before heading back to school.

On Wednesday morning, some of our learners went on a transition session to Runshaw college where they learnt about kitchen hygiene and safety in preparation for next weeks session. The learners at school had a lesson on the history of the Olympics and looked at how it all started 3000 years ago in ancient Greece. In the afternoon we had our first PE lesson of the term where we started to learn about tag rugby and we went out onto the field to practice how to hold the rugby balls and how to pass them to each other. We ran a few different drills as a class and in small groups before we finished the day with a little bit of weeding in the flower beds at the front of school.

Thursday morning we had a history lesson on the Battle of Hastings, where we learnt when the battle was and who was fighting in it. Everyone said it was really interesting and are excited to carry on with the topic. In the afternoon, we went to visit Shawhill Golf Club in preparation for our prom and so that the learners could have a look at the venue. After this we went to one of Chorley in Bloom’s community gardens where we helped with cleaning up the garden and doing some weeding.

On Friday some learners went to Newman college for their first transition session where they did some icebreaker activities with some students from Sir Tom Finney. The students at school carried on learning about the Battle of Hastings, completing their work from yesterday as well as doing some reading comprehensions. In the afternoon we had a golden time where everyone got on with different activities before our Celebration Assembly!

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend, stay safe!

Mrs Powell, Miss Anderton, Miss Woods and Miss Carter.