30 Apr 2021

This week we’ve had Herbology which is all about plants and flowers with Professor Clarke. We all planted sunflower seeds. We are going to look after them by watering and letting them have plenty of sunlight, I wonder who’s will be the tallest.

In language and communication we have been creating our own “baddies” and describing what powers they have. 9R have had some great ideas and some would give “He who shall not be named” a run for his money.

Lewis has spent in time in the sensory room relaxing and enjoying doing “what’s in the box”, singing his favourite songs, the lights and the swing especially.

With Professor Bigio we practised our drawing skills and we started our drawing for our Hogwarts Lanterns. Madame Cobham has been busy reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, we have met lots of great characters - some are kind and others are not - we are looking forward to watching the film.

We have had the opportunity to use the green screen this week too - we had to find a picture of either - quidditch pitch, Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom or the great hall - it was great fun.

On Friday we took part in “Wear it Red Day” we talked about how saying unkind things to someone can be really upsetting. We also looked at being different and how this is ok. In the afternoon we listened and watched a story on you tube about Racism called “A kids book about Racism” and then we looked at different scenarios and said if we thought they were right or wrong.

Our Star of the Week this week is Cordell for AMAZING work designing and describing his villain, using great adjectives and sentences and being the only learner who chose to draw their villain - well done.

Our Hogwarts House of the week is Slytherin for great teamwork and helping your friends.


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