7 May 2021

Herbology this week with Professor Clarke was all about flowers. We had 3 different flowers, red tulips, white chrysanthemums and yellow alstroemerias. Some of the learners labelled them, some had to research what job the parts did and others matching the flower parts to the job they did.

We have also been busy using our drawing skills in Art and Design with Professor Bigio - making Hogwarts lanterns. We chose drawings from Harry Potter and transferred them to tracing paper before cutting black card to make the lantern and gluing them together. We’ve even got a little candle to put in them.

In music this week we listened to different genres of music including jazz, country, rock, pop and classical. Mrs Bigio brought her saxophone in for us to listen to and then she kindly allowed us to pass it round.

Congratulations to the learners who have completed their Maths Assessments with Mrs Cobham this week - we are very proud of you all.

This week we have finished listening to Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, we have learned about, dragons, wizards chess and 3 headed dogs but most importantly friendship and being there for each other. Malachi did an amazing voice for Vol ..... He Who Shall Not Be Named. We are looking forward to watching the film before we listen to the next story.

On Friday afternoon we had a quiz about The Philosopher’s Stone.

Slytherin won with 24 points, Hufflepuff had 23 points, Ravenclaw 22 points and Gryffindor 21 points, all earning them extra house points

Lots of Hogwarts house points have been earned this week and the current totals are

Gryffindor - 28

Slytherin - 30

Ravenclaw - 35

Hufflepuff - 35

Who will win the house cup at the end of this half term?

Star of the week this week is Faith for amazing teamwork in PE, playing for Hufflepuff and then making up the numbers in Gryffindor as they were a player short - well done.

House of the week is Gryffindor - for supporting each other and working together.

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is Nature so we are looking forward to being outside taking part in some activities.

9R Spend Another Week at Hogwarts


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