8R Forest School

16 May 2019

Category: 8R

This week we have explored our forest schools to see what natural materials we could use to make a musical instrument. Pupils decided the the wooden blocks were wood, which comes from trees and therefore useable.


Pupils really enjoyed their games and freedom of the dip to create their own…


8R Class, Forest School, Music, 2018-19

8G Teeth and Digestion

11 Feb 2019

Category: 8G

This half term 8G have been learning all about teeth and digestion as part of our topic “All about Me.” We started the topic off by tasting a variety of foods and used the terms sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Once we established that our tongue was responsible for our taste we then learnt about…


8G Class, Music, PSHCE, Science, 2018-19

Maple's Talented Musician!

10 Jan 2019

Category: Maple

On Tuesday, William brought his beautiful violin in to class to show his friends. He showed us that you can pluck the strings or use the bow to make sounds with the violin and talked about all the different parts of the instrument. Maple Class all did good listening and said that they liked…


Maple Class, Music, 2018-19

Oui ou Non?

3 Oct 2018

Category: 7G

In our French lessons we have been working on looking at and joining in with  actions corresponding to French words. The pupils have loved joining in with actions to Yummy, yummy, yuck (BBC French) and even more so signing or pointing to a symbol for yes/no when asked if they want to try a food or…


7G Class, Foreign Languages, Music, 2018-19

8R Rock!

2 Oct 2018

Category: 8R

Today we have had loads of fun making stormy weather compositions.

We watched a video of a diverse choir who created a storm effect using the hands and feet and then used this to help us create our own masterpieces and played them to our peers, we then voted for our favourite and most realistic…


8R Class, Music, 2018-19

Groovy Garage Band

7 Nov 2017

Category: 9G

Today we had a great time creating music using the Garage Band app. We loved experimenting with both familiar and unfamiliar instruments. The drums were the most popular choice and at the end of the lesson we created a wonderful masterpiece. 


9G Class, 2017-18, Music