Lights, Camera, Action in 7A!

5 Mar 2021

7A have had a very busy week! We have been working hard and we are so excited to have everybody back in school next week.

In My Thinking and Problem Solving this week we have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour on analogue and digital clocks, as well as engaging in…

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Week 6 in 8G

12 Feb 2021

Well, it’s finally half-term and it seems like forever since we’ve all been together in class, but our whole class sessions on Teams have kept all our spirits up, Our baking sessions have been brilliant, and this week was no exception - we made chocolate cakes in class, and Harry, Eshan and Josh…

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Spring Week 4 in 7A

22 Jan 2021

Hi 7A

What a full fun packed week we have had in school and at home.

On Monday, Mrs Fisher was teaching maths. Some of the children in school was working either on numicon shapes up to 10, different number bonds to 20 and practicing 2 times table and dividing by 2. 7A also played a number…

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Join in with us - Sing and Sign!

26 May 2020

Hi everyone, 

This week the signs of the day are teaching you all the colours of the rainbow and we would really like your help!

You will see that there is a new YouTube video that has been posted today called the colours of the rainbow song. Mrs Linde's very talented daughter Georgia sang…

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MADD Wednesday

29 Apr 2020

MADD Wednesday!

Our theme today is Brazil!

We started our day-looking at Brazillian rain forests and the famous statue of Christ The Redeemer!

We looked at the famous carnival in Rio! Wow- it looked amazing fun!- We would love to go and see it for real- if Mr Welsh would let us!


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Maple Class Band

13 Mar 2020

Today in our creativity lesson, Maple class formed their own band. Maple class listened to a song about being part of a band and we talked about the different instruments we could hear. We then took it in turns to play the different instruments and Mr Darbyshire taught us about staying in time to…

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