25 Jun 2021

What a fantastic day we had on Thursday. The morning started off with us identifying what we would like to buy for our dinner from ASDA. 

We then costed up prices as a meal deal and worked out how much money we could save if we pooled our money together. 

We walked to ASDA and split up into groups to find and buy the items we needed. 

We then walked back to school and made our sandwiches. Once this was done we walked to the park to eat our picnic and then played on the park.

We had a great time and learned some very important life skills along the way.

Super work 11R!

Posted by Mrs K Linde

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26 June 2021

I loved that trip to the shop and the park it wa fun I loved getting back to playing football and hanging out with the teachers and my friends

10 July 2021

Hi Mrs Linde how are you I just wanted to say thank you for being there by my side in all that I've known you are a great and funny and so are Mrs Bretherton and Mrs down you are funny and kind and lovely and I miss you loads. I will come back and visit or even I might a ta job but forenow it's bye see you soon

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