4 Nov 2021

Today we are celebrating Diwali in school. 8A thought about what we had learnt last year about Diwali as part of our Year 7 “celebrations” theme. We could remember that Hindus celebrate Diwali and that they get presents at Diwali. Mrs Crouch reminded us that Diwali was the festival of light and we read “The Story of Rama and Sita”. Most of us could remember the story from last year. In the story, the monkeys help Rama rescue Sita by building a bridge to the island that Sita is being held on. Our challenge to celebrate Diwali today was to work in teams to build a strong bridge. We worked hard in teams and then tested our bridges using toy cars. We had lots of fun and learnt about the importance of working together just like the monkeys did in the story. Some learners did some Rangoli colouring and made Diwali cards too! Great work 8A! Happy Diwali! 


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