18 Sep 2023

7P had another great week.

We really got into our routine this week and started to show the teachers in 7P how good we are. This week we have demonstrated our independence skills by making fruit kebabs in cooking. We all had a go at this and even if we didn’t want to eat it we persevered and made the kebabs with our own choice of ingredients. 

This week our second group went swimming! We did really well as it took a long time to get there and we’re super sensible listening to Mrs Webb. In PE one group has been working on their dancing skills, having a go at the start of a barn dance for a harvest festival. The other group has been working on their sensory regulation skills, finding out what activities help to calm us. 

7P have been working on their communication through Attention Autism. During this we have looked at feelings using the colours of zones of regulation. This has helped encourage spontaneous communication and developed some of our vocabulary. We have also been introduced to our first celebration which is Harvest, using the story of the little red hen. 

We have done many more activities this week including fine motor tasks, riding bikes, number work and socialising with our friends. 

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