20 Nov 2020

Today Sycamore have been learning about gender stereotypes.

First we spoke about what a stereotype is - we learned that a stereotype is an idea or view that someone believes that might not be true.

We then enjoyed a carpet time activity watching Miss Cross make outlines of a boy and a girl. After making our outlines we spoke about what we ‘know’ about girls and what we ‘know’ about boys. We shared lots of ideas including; ‘girls like pink’, ‘boys like blue’ and ‘boys like football’. We had a good think about the comments our friends made and thought about if they were true. In Sycamore we had boys who liked the colour pink best, girls who liked the colour blue best and other children who had other favourite colours that were not blue or pink. We decided the comments were false!

After out talk time on the carpet we moved to tables and thought about what we like the best, some of us wrote words and some of us drew pictures. We shared our likes with our friends and found other children in class who liked the same things as us and other children who didn’t.  We then made a list of activities and items under our boy and girl pictures, which boys and girls can both like.

To end our lesson we enjoyed a game and we chose our favourite likes from the choice on the board, asking our friends if they liked them too.

Sycamore have learned that they can be anything they want to be and they can like anything they want to like.

Great work Sycamore Class! 

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