9 Jun 2021


This half term we are learning all about how to make the most of our leisure time as part of our ASDAN curriculum. Yesterday we all had a chat about what we thought this topic would be about and came up with some fantastic suggestions such as: bowling, swimming, running, playing games, walking etc. We then chose some activities that we wanted to try during our leisure time. 

Today we had a walk around Chorley town centre and we all tried very hard to look out for some places that we could go to in order to make the most of our leisure time. We found some great places that we could go to when we get leisure time for example: gyms, martial arts, inspire, restaurants, bowling, the cinema and an art exhibition. We all liked the look of some of the leisure clubs in Chorley and said we would like to try them.

Then we practised our road safety skills on a quiet road to make sure that we could remember how we should cross a road. We also spotted safe and unsafe strangers on our trip. We saw some people in the town centre that weren’t wearing a uniform so we decided that they were unsafe strangers. We also saw a police woman and decided that she was a safe stranger that we could talk to when we need help and if we wanted to check who she was we could ask for her identification badge. Well done 10G, you all worked very hard and had a great first trip back after half term! 

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