8 Jul

9A Summer 2 Week 6 23/24

This week in maths, we continued learning about position and direction. We have been learning about clockwise and anticlockwise directions, applying our learning of fractions when talking about quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns, plotting coordinates to draw shapes and translating shapes…

5 Jul

9A Summer 2 Week 5 23/24

This week we started our new maths topic, position and direction. We have been looking at the directions of turns, starting with left and right, moving onto clockwise and anti-clockwise. Some of us have also been looking at the position of coordinates and labelling what they have seen. In English,…

5 Jul

Week 6 in Chestnut Class

This week Chestnut Class have accessed a range of activities to develop our gross and fine motor skills. On Tuesday Chorley Sports Partnership engaged us in activities to support our coordination and balance. We have been focussing our attention to travel in different ways by sliding, crawling and…

28 Jun

8P Summer 2 Week 4 23-24

This week in 8P we worked on being Sun safe as we had very hot weather, we learnt that sun cream should be applied every 2 hours, wearing a hat helps keep our heads cool & protects our face from the Sun. We brought water bottles in so we could keep on top of our fluids & stay  hydrated due to…

25 Jun

9A Summer 2 Week 4

These weeks are just flying by - and the warm weather is definitely helping!

This week we have introduced a new regulation slot into out timetable. This involves getting outside and using battle ropes to get us energised in a morning. The learners have enjoyed spending this time outside. In…

21 Jun

7A - Summer 2 - Week 1, 2 & 3

We have had a very busy start to our last half term in 7A. 


In Week One, we had a school based week, recapping learning and skills from Summer 1. We had big learning focus in surrounding our creative thinking and creative writing skills. We worked in groups to design a group ‘monster’.…

21 Jun

Sports week in Willow class

Monday saw the start off sports week.

Willow class started the week off with a yoga class, we practiced our balancing and learned some new stretches.

Willow class then learned more about feels and different feelings that we feel when we are in the yellow zone, willow class came up with…

21 Jun

7P Summer 2 - Week 3

This week is sports week at Astley Park, and 7P have enjoyed getting into the spirit of sports week. We got to come to school in our sports wear, ready for any activities to participate in. 

On Monday we had a lovely session with an amazing yoga coach in the hall, and all of the children did…

21 Jun

8P Sports Week 2023-2024

8P have had a fantastic week this week. We have participated in lots of different activities throughout the week as parts of our Sports Week! These have included Yoga on Monday, Multisports on Wednesday and Multisports (different activities) on Friday. 

They developed their fundamental…

21 Jun

9P Sports 21/6/24

A very busy, and enjoyable week for pupils and staff, as we took part in lots of different sports, including badminton, yoga, football and netball.  We were very lucky to have two sports coaches join us for some of the lessons, as well as an experienced yoga teacher.

Thankfully, the weather has…

21 Jun

Sports Week and a special visitors in Chestnut Class

Chestnut class love being active and this week have enjoyed different activities linked to keeping healthy. On Tuesday we made fruit skewers, focussing on exploring lots of different fruits, peeling, slicing and making choices for our snacks. We have loved parachute games with our friends, target…

21 Jun

Sports week in 8A

Sports week in 8A


Our first activity at the start of our Sport week was Yoga. 

We were introduced to Tracey again who started our Yoga session by a little Meditation. We followed Tracey’s instructions and did a big breath in then big breath out whilst holding their chest with their…