On Monday group 2 went swimming. We are so proud of the achievements of group 2 this week . All of the children got in the pool and have shown us confidence and so much willing . The children did some super scooping with arms , kicking and blowing bubbles in the water. 
In maths we have continued working on time . This week looking at our clock. The children focussed on o clock . As a class they each took turns on placing the numbers onto the clock .

In art we have been collecting items from our environment and created a lovely crafty collage. 
We talked about the colours , the texture and the smell . 
The children created some beautiful pieces of art work. 
On Thursday the children used some of their sticks collected to create a house following on from the 3 little pigs story. 
On Friday a bit of fun baking . Rice crispie cakes ! 
Yum yum ! 

Have a lovely weekend !