The story of Rama and Sita

15 Jan 2019

Category: 7G

Class 7G have been learning about Hinduism during world religion week. Today we listened to some Hindu prayer and then listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We then enjoyed acting out the story. Please take a look at our pictures to see some of the fun we had!



7G Class, RE, 2018-19, Equality

8G The Story of Buddha

14 Jan 2019

Category: 8G

This morning some of 8G have been introduced to the story of Buddha and the origins of Buddhism. We firstly discussed if we had ever heard of Buddhism, before handling a statue of the Buddha itself. We then thought of some questions we would like to find out before reading the story of Buddha.…


8G Class, RE, 2018-19, Equality

Birthday Celebrations in 7G

11 Jan 2019

Category: 7G

There were two birthdays to celebrate in 7G yesterday as Skye and Jake both turned 12.

In the morning, we sang to Skye and shared a lovely cake that she had brought in to school.

In the afternoon, we went to Playpad in Leyland where we celebrated Jake's birthday with ANOTHER birthday…


7G Class, 2018-19

Maple's Talented Musician!

10 Jan 2019

Category: Maple

On Tuesday, William brought his beautiful violin in to class to show his friends. He showed us that you can pluck the strings or use the bow to make sounds with the violin and talked about all the different parts of the instrument. Maple Class all did good listening and said that they liked…


Maple Class, Music, 2018-19

Ahoy there matey! ⚓️

9 Jan 2019

Category: Chestnut

Our first trip was to set our pirate theme, we went and explored puddletown pirates and then went to withy grove park. At the park we found a pirate ship and pretended to slide into the sea or onto the beach. We tried to find treasure but no luck so far!



Chestnut Class, 2018-19

Ahoy There!

9 Jan 2019

Category: Beech

Welcome aboard Me Hearties!

The team have been busy getting ready for the Pirates landing this term as Beech and Chestnut Classes explore their topic "Pirates".

We will be visiting Puddletown Pirates and Lytham beach.

Let the adventures begin!



Beech Class, EYFS, 2018-19

All I want for Christmas is...

9 Jan 2019

Category: Oak

Oak Class brought some of their favourite toys from Christmas to show and tell their friends about. We all showed a variety of different things including teddies, dinosaurs, super hero masks, drones and even a metal detector!



Oak Class, 2018-19

What are 8G learning this half term?

8 Jan 2019

Category: 8G

Welcome back and Happy New Year I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.


Here is what 8G will be learning this half term.



This half term in English we will be reading the story "Charlotte's Web' and be learning about some of the issues which occur in the story. We…


8G Class, 2018-19