18 Nov

Chestnut - Friendship Week and Children in Need

This week in Chestnut Class we have been focusing on our Social and Communication skills as a part of Friendship week. We have been exploring activities with others and working on developing our tolerance skills accepting others joining us. We have had lots of laughs and smiles during Intensive…

31 Oct

Halloween In Chestnut

Today in Chestnut Class we have had a spooky first day back! 
We have engaged in lots of different halloween sensory trays and activities. We enjoyed pushing trains around the spooky track, scooping the pumpkin insides into buckets and Prut img using apples and orange paint. 
Miss Hothersall did…

7 Oct

Chestnut Class and the Three Bears!

What a wonderful week we have had in a Chestnut Class! 


At the start of the week we explored the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, learners have explored playing in porridge, filling up bowls with porridge and making their own porridge. We have also created some wonderful bear…

16 Sep

Busy Exploring in Chestnut!

We combined three special occasions within this weeks learning, enabling our learners the opportunity to experience and explore recent key events - Macmillan Coffee Morning, celebrating the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and honouring our new King, King Charles III.

On Thursday, we…

9 Sep

A Wonderful First Week in Chestnut!

Chestnut have had a wonderful first week back at school. It has been a busy week with lots to explore and lots going on! 

We got to meet our new teachers, Miss Hothersall, Miss Cross, Miss Masterson, Mrs Worthington, Miss Loan and Miss Brown, as well as our new friends.

We have played,…

5 Sep

Chestnut’s First Day Back!

Chestnut have had a great first day back !
We explored lots of different activities, enjoyed the sensory room and loved a 5 currant bun attention autism session. 
We’re so excited for the year ahead , what a fab first day!

18 Aug

Holiday Heroes Week 4 Group 1


Group 1 have had a super week in Holiday Heroes. This week we have been to the Space Centre, spent time in the sensory room, been on the bouncy castle and had a super time on the new playground. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing lots of fun games with our friends and getting to explore…

28 Jul

Holiday Heroes - Week 1: Group 1

What a wonderful start to the summer holidays for the Holiday Heroes Group 1. 

On Tuesday, Group 1 went to ‘Brew and Buddies’ soft play centre. They had a day of play and enjoyed a lunch out too! 

On Thursday, Group 1 had a day based in school with lots of fun playing with friends. In the…

21 Jul

Transition Days Maple Class 22-23

This week we have enjoyed coming together to meet our new friends and staff team as part of our transition onto Maple Class in September. Lots of us know each other already and we have also welcomed a new learner to Astley Park too and we look forward to her joining us full time.

Maple Class…

19 Jul

Welcome to Chestnut Class (22-23)

This morning Chestnut Class had their transition session ready for September. 

To fit in with the hot hot weather, Miss Hothersall and Miss Cross planned a fun sensory play based session around the theme ‘Ice Cream’.  

Our morning began with us exploring our environment and meeting our new…

17 Jun

Chestnut Class Rainbow Week

Chestnut class have had a very colourful week as we have enjoyed lots of Rainbow themed activities as part of our Rainbow Day celebrations! We have enjoyed sharing photos of our families and finding them in the tuff tray. During Attention Autism sessions we have enjoyed creating our own flag for…

10 Jun

Chestnut class Summer 2, week 1

Welcome back Chestnut Class!


What a fantastic first week back we have had with all this glorious weather as we learn all about the beach and summer time! Chestnut class have enjoyed our new sensory story, ‘Sheldon Snail’s Sunbathing Sessions’ and learned about all the things we have to…