17 May

9A- Week 5- Summer 1


This week in 9A we have been looking at Character descriptions. We read a description of a character and then had to draw what we thought they looked like from the description. We had some brilliant interpretations and pictures. 
On  Monday we were lucky enough to have a special yoga…

10 May

9A Summer Week 4

Another great week in 9A. The sunshine has finally made an appearance which has made us all feel so much better. We had a lovely visit to Withy Grove Park and enjoyed our lunches in the sunshine.We played on the park and some of us had a game of football before we went to the kiosk to buy some ice…

2 May

9A summer 1- week 3


This week in 9A, We have started to read our new book The Tin Forest, we had a think about the things we might find in a forgotten place full of things people didn’t want any more and We’ve created some lovely art work based on the descriptive words in the story. 

We have had some problems…

26 Apr

9A summer 1 - week 2

We have had another lovely week in 9A this week. 

We have finished reading our fantasy book ‘ Leon and the place in between’, all the learners have enjoyed reading the book and creating their own magical place. They also wrote some fantastic descriptive stories about what they thought Leon…

24 Apr

9A Summer 1 Week 1

What a great first week back for 9A. We all came back well rested with lots of stories about what the learners did over the holidays.

The learners were all put into different houses for the half term and are linked up with learners in  year 7 and 8. They will be earning points for the houses.…

28 Mar

9A Week 6

On Monday morning we did some maths puzzles and games, we really enjoyed them. Then we did some reading. In the afternoon we painted our World War 2 model planes. Some of us found it really relaxing, some of us found it messy but we all enjoyed it. Then we did the blog and our friends did…

11 Mar

9A Week 4

This week you will see a new face in our pictures as we have a new member of the class team, Miss Knott. Miss Knott has been a great help and we are happy to have her.

This week is Neurodiversity Week in school, we started our Monday Morning off by talking about how our brains are different and…

8 Mar

Hollywood Bowl Bowling Competition 9A/9P

On Friday 1st March a  mixed team from 9A and 9P were invited through to the next round of a bowling competition they had competed in and previously won.. Schools from across Lancashire, Cheshire , Greater Manchester and Merseyside met together at Hollywood Bowl at Middlebrook. The learners were…

4 Mar

9A spring 2 week3

On Monday morning we recapped on fractions in Maths especially quarters, we are all getting really good at them. After break the girls went to girls group and the boys did some reading.

In the afternoon we did some reading comprehension about evacuees and their parents in WW2 and we answered…

20 Feb

Welcome Back 9A

Welcome back to spring 2, hope you’ve all had a lovely break. We’ve got a very busy half term again and lots of things to look forward to. 9A welcomed a new pupil into class, they have all been very friendly and we look forward to getting to know him. 
On Monday morning as the learners came into…

6 Feb

Who Wants To Win £20 Voucher WINNER!!!!!!

Thank you to the 6 parents who enrolled and completed the National College Annual Award in Online Safety for Parents and Carers 2023-2024!

I am sure you found this super helpful- there will be more courses for parents and carers on here in the future!


The wheel has been spun and the…

5 Feb

9A week 5 term 2

On Monday morning we learnt about mental health week. We talked about how we felt and that our voices matter then we did some mindfulness colouring. After break we did some reading and Sound-write. After lunch we did relax to get ourselves ready for the afternoon. We then made some decorations for…