1 Mar

Spring 2, Week 2 in Chestnut Class

This week Chestnut learners have enjoyed learning all about recycling and exploring and sorting different materials which we throw away as part of our recycling topic. We have made Angel Delight, focussing on using equipment to pour and mix, expressing our choices and working out what we need…

23 Feb

Welcome back Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class learners have had a very busy start to the half term!  We have been learning about primary colours in a range of activities including mixing paints and coloured water into jars to create secondary colours.  This week we started our Recycling sessions and we thoroughly enjoyed…

2 Feb

Chestnut Class enjoy making sandwiches

This week Chestnut learners have been busy making sandwiches; practising our skills of spreading and cutting using cutlery. On Wednesday we made choices of toppings - jam/cheese spread/chocolate spread using our communication boards to support us and I can say that jam was the most popular…

26 Jan

Chestnut Class Week 4

This week Chestnut have enjoyed exploring utensils from the kitchen as part of our House and Homes topic.

We enjoyed Stage 2 AA watching Miss Spear create a fabulous recipe using flour and cream and took turns to sprinkle using a colander.

During Maths themed AA we watched as Miss created a…

19 Jan

Chestnut Class explore Buddhism

Chestnut Class have loved the snow this week and spent lots of time outdoors exploring, scooping and throwing snow balls!

In PSHE we have been focussing on identifying and recognising facial features through songs, mirrors and matching activities and creating collages.

During Food tech we…

18 Jan

Happy New Year Chestnut Class!

It’s been great to see everyone back in Chestnut class and get back into routines this week. As part of our house and homes topic, children have enjoyed 3 Little Pigs Attention Autism and even helped to ‘blow’ the houses down! We’ve been building structures and enjoying different homes in the…

22 Dec

Merry Christmas from Chestnut Class

What an amazing couple of weeks in Chestnut Class!

Chestnut Class have been busy preparing and packing reindeer food for Santa’s reindeers, enjoying sensory exploration of oaty play dough and creating melting snowmen. Last week we enjoyed having some parents join us to share in our learning…

15 Dec

It’s Hanukkah in Chestnut Class

Hanukkah or Chanukah means “dedication” in Hebrew, and the Jewish holiday, also known as The Festival of Lights, represents joy and celebrates one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history.

Today Chestnut Class have been exploring Hanukkah in our creative tasks and made some fabulous Star of…

8 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Chestnut Class

Chestnut class have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit!
We’ve have enjoyed Christmas themed Attention Autism, learning key words, sprinkling frost on trees and creating twinkling stars during Stage 3. We loved tracking the exciting Christmas toys during Stage 1 and communicating for…

13 Nov

Remembrance Day 2023


On Friday, Astley Park School participated in Remembrance Day activities and traditions.

Throughout school, learners were presented with many fabulous activities and learning opportunities to support them experience and learn all about Remembrance Day.

Our Explorers, had ample…

10 Nov

Halloween and Fireworks in Chestnut Class

Chestnut class learners have had a lovely week exploring bonfire night through Attention Autism sessions, creative tasks and food tech. We have been creating our own fire work pictures, focussing our attention,choosing colours and make making tools. We enjoyed dipping breadsticks into melted…

19 Oct

Week 7 in Chestnut Class

This week Chestnut Class have been enjoying lots of spooky goings on! During Attention Autism sessions we enjoyed a ghostly number rhyme and finding out how many left when one is taken away by splatting cream and we took turns to splat! We have been identifying Halloween themed key word language…