17 Mar

A busy week in Maple Class

Maple Class learners have been super busy this week as we enjoy lots of different activities and special days. On Monday we celebrated Science Week and the theme this year was ‘Connections’. Maple Class have been identifying mystery scents during Attention Autism sessions and expressing whether we…

14 Mar

Science Week in Oak

This week Oak have Class have been exploring ‘Connections’ as part of British Science Week.

The topic was introduced through song and ‘magic milk’ attention autism. 

Pupils followed in task schedule instructions to create apple bird feeders before helping Miss Beck hang them in the tree…

10 Mar

World Book Day in Maple Class

Maple class love stories and books so we were excited for World Book Day! Harrison brought one of his favourite books to class ‘Superworm!’ (I love this one too!) and shared it with myself and his friends. Maple class enjoyed lots of activities linked to The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss in the…

8 Mar

Astley Park celebrate Holi

Astley Park School had a fantastic time on Wednesday 8th March as we celebrated the Hindu festival of Colour known as Holi.  Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates Spring, Love and new life. Holi is a colour festival, with dancing, singing and throwing powder paint and coloured water. It marks…

20 Feb

International day of girls and women in Science, Oak Class Experiment!

We have today celebrated girls and women of Science by carrying out our own experiment! During attention autism, Miss Howarth modelled the reaction of mentos in Cola. Pupils looked on in awe. Pupils then took turns adding mentos, the fountains produced were amazing! Pupils engaged in the activity…

20 Feb

“Ouch! I need a plaster!” in Maple Class

As part of our ‘Emergency, Emergency!’ topic, Maple class have been exploring the important roles of Nurses and how they help us. We have enjoyed our Sensory story, “Ouch! I need a plaster!” and located body parts by placing plasters on dollies. We have been counting and finding one less and…

9 Feb

Chestnut Class Newsround

Well, it’s been a busy last two weeks in Chestnut Class. We have been looking at Doctors in our Emergency! Emergency! Topic and the story of Ness the Nurse.  The pupils have enjoyed practicing putting plasters on our dollies and teddies. 

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week, we have used…

7 Feb

Maple Class fun at The Space Centre

On Friday 3rd February Maple Class headed to the Space Centre in Preston. we had a fantastic time with our friends, accessing the swing for vestibular input, the fibre optics for visual and tactile stimulation and the responsive flooring which gave audio and visual feedback when pressed. We had a…

20 Jan

Governor’s Class visit to Maple

I visited Maple Class on 17th January as part of the Governor- Class partnership and Religious Education Week. I spent time with the wonderful learners and hard working staff in Maple as they explored the Islamic Faith. Myself,  Mrs Smith and a small group of learners made delicious sweets…

20 Jan

RE Week in Maple Class

Maple Class have had a fantastic week exploring the Islamic Faith through Attention Autism, dress up, creative work, cooking and music. We have tasted traditional foods and made sweets eaten at Eid using our fabulous communication skills to make requests, follow instructions and take turns. We…

16 Jan

World Religion Week in Oak Class

This week we have focused our learning around the Islamic faith as part of our World Religion celebrations!

On Monday, our topic was introduced through attention autism, we enjoyed dressing up during stage 3 in traditional clothes. We also explored frozen fruit as a media for painting, we chose…

13 Jan

Emergency Emergency in Maple Class!

Maple Class have started their new Spring topic - Emergency, Emergency! where we will look at all the very important people who help us. This week we have focussed on the special jobs that fire fighters do. We have explored this through Attention Autism, fine motor skills,  sensory exploration,…