Week 3 of Spring 1 10G

26 Jan 2021

10G have been very busy this week. We all enjoyed seeing each other for morning group and talking about our weekend news, talking about some very exciting lessons we will be having with Mr Murphy every Wednesday afternoon, taking part in a maths quiz and making a cup of tea and toast for ourselves…

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11R learn about Judaism

22 Jan 2021

This week in 11R we have been celebrating world religion week and have been learning all about Judaism. We have taken part in TEAMs calls with our remote learners so that we could all find out about Judaism together. Logan, Ryan and Steven were happy to see their friends and it was wonderful to…

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World Religion Week - 6 Star Challenge

22 Jan 2021

We hope everybody has had lots of fun learning about their class religion in our World Religion Week activities.


This week we have had lots of photos and videos shared with us of everybody at Astley Park completing our very special World Religion Week Six Star Challenge. Your teachers and…

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11R Welcome Mr Maudsley

8 Jan 2021

We would like to introduce you to Mr Maudsley who has been working with us in 11R. He has been with us for a few weeks now and has already made an impression on our class.

This week we have had 'snow' much fun outdoors enjoying the weather, even if it has been a bit chilly. We have loved being…

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11R learn about Islam

18 Dec 2020

11R thoroughly enjoyed their work on Islam this week. They were introduced to the Islamic tradition of Sadaqah, which is about kindness. We learnt about the importance of giving and being thankful for the things that we have. We made gift boxes, filling them with chocolates and then chose a…

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10G Celebrate Hannukah!

14 Dec 2020

On Friday the 11th of December 10G had a lovely morning learning all about Hannukah and celebrating it together. First we talked all about why people celebrate Hannukah, the meaning behind it and when and why it began. We then read the story all about Hannukah. We decorated our own Mennorah…

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11R get Christmas crafty

11 Dec 2020

This week 11R have really been getting in to the festive spirit. There has been some jolly good teamwork, laughs, Christmas songs and goodies. We have worked so hard to make Christmas decorations from a variety of different materials. Our 11R classroom looked like it was covered in snow today as…

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Keep it Clean with 11R

4 Dec 2020

Mrs Harwood was given some special UV light lotion from Carol from Home Instead.

We were set a challenge to see if we could wash our hands properly to get rid of all the germs.

We applied the Glitter Bug Potion and examined our hands with the special ultra violet lights.

Some of us washed…

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11R Team Work

3 Dec 2020

Over the last week we have been undertaking some of our ASDAN accreditation for Working as Part of a Group.

We have set group roles, identified the tasks we are carrying out and looked at what makes good team work. 

We have started to make our Christmas Decorations and they are looking…

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10R Try New Tastes

27 Nov 2020

As part of our ASDAN work some of 10R have been making healthy snacks on Friday mornings. This week pupils were very concerned to learn they were making goats cheese, tomato and olive triangles as they were confident that they didn’t like olives, goats cheese or tomatoes!  
We talked about how…

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