9G’s McDonald’s Mayhem

4 Nov 2019


Today we visited McDonald’s at Chorley. We all ordered and paid for our own food and drink really well. We waited until our number was shouted and took it back to our table and then tucked in! Well done 9G an amazing trip. 

Miss Robertson, Miss Holden, Mrs Wiggins.

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9G’s amazing ASDA adventure

14 Oct 2019

9G had a lovely afternoon walking through Chorley town centre to ASDA cafe today. When we got there we all got to choose what we wanted to eat and then paid for our snack by ourselves. We were fantastic at this! Then we ate our yummy snack and had our drinks. Once we were finished we walked back…

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10R - Back and in shape!!!

7 Oct 2019

10R have come back to school after the summer and have been getting right back into shape.

Throughout our Maths lessons we have been looking at and naming 2d and 3D shapes including describing their properties. We have been around school looking at everyday objects and discovering where these…

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9G’s happy holidays!

7 Oct 2019

9G have had a very busy day on our holidays today. This morning we all packed our suitcases, got our tickets and passports ready and took a trip on Astley Park Airlines. We had to go through passport control, have our bags checked and then we boarded our plane to fly to class 9G. We really enjoyed…

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9Gs Subway Trip

26 Jun 2019

9G finally made it to subway today thanks to the rain holding off. We got to choose a drink and a choice between a cookie or crisps. We then had to pay for our snack by ourselves and give the lady the correct money. We then got to sit in the shop and eat our snacks all together. We had a lovely…

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8G Bug Symmetry

6 Jun 2019

8G have been continuing to learn about bugs. We found out that insects  are symmetrical "The same on both sides." We had a go at making our own symmetrical bugs using paint. We enjoyed doing the activity and we are looking forward to having our work displayed. 

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9Gs treat day

24 May 2019

Class 9G had a lovely treat this morning and got to choose an ice cream or a milkshake from Anna Massa’s. We got to have our lovely treat as we have had such a good half term and all worked really hard! We all did fantastic at ordering our own snacks by asking for what we want, or vocalising or…

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7G Outstanding Celebration Day!

30 Apr 2019

On Friday, the whole school took part in the festivities to celebrate our amazing achievement of getting an Oustanding grading from Ofsted.

7G were lucky enough to do lots of exciting activities throughout the day.

First we got to play on the bouncy castle outside, we loved jumping around…

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7R Numicon and attention autism session

25 Mar 2019

On Friday 7R had another attention autism session, this time on Numicon. First we did our whats in the box you seem to love being sprayed with water! Then sieved flour and powder paint over the Numicon shapes to make teen and 2 digit numbers. After that we did some great Numicon work with an…

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8R Play With Geometry

14 Mar 2019

This morning 8R had fun exploring shapes and direction.


Pupils looked at photo images and remade the models using 3D shapes, whilst some pupils had a play with the blue bots and caterpillar to program directions of left and right, learning words such as Clockwise and…

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