8R Forest School

16 May 2019

Category: 8R

This week we have explored our forest schools to see what natural materials we could use to make a musical instrument. Pupils decided the the wooden blocks were wood, which comes from trees and therefore useable.


Pupils really enjoyed their games and freedom of the dip to create their own…


8R Class, Forest School, Music, 2018-19

8R World Book Day

8 Mar 2019

Category: 8R

Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day, our class looked at the theme of Peter Pan. We read the story and made masks. We then talked about our favourite books and said why they are our favourite, 


During the day we also took part in the signing story of 'Each Peach Pear Plum', and we also…


8R Class, Forest School, English, 2018-19

Huge Haigh Hall

8 May 2018

Category: Beech

Today we visited Haigh Hall and discovered a very old house.

The boys were able to tell us things that were different about this house to their homes.

It was HUGE,much older, had lots of windows and the door was enormous!! 

We had great fun exploring the grounds.


Beech Class, 2017-18, Forest School