9R Are Taking Care of Their Mental Health

14 May 2021

This week has been Mental Health week and the theme is nature.

We have looked at what mental health is and things we can do to stay healthy.

Sarah said everyone has mental health and it’s keeping your body and brain healthy.

Mrs Cobham made each of us a heart and we attached a label to it…

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Mrs James' Forest school group

10 Apr 2020

In our weekly forest School sessions this term we have been really busy.  

While most of us are now at home working I thought it would be really nice to look back on and share some of the sessions we have participated in with you.  

Team building, friendships and working together have been…

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9R Den Building Fun

11 Sep 2019

What a fun afternoon I had with the class.


Looking at the weather this morning we were not holding our breath for nice weather. We got it though!


9R loved watching how to build a den and gave some knots a go for themselves. We had peg making in the tool use area and others chose to…

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8R get crafty in the outdoors

1 Jul 2019

Pupils have shown quite a bit of interest in mud painting in Forest School, so today we took it to the next level. Pupils were challenged in making their own paintbrush using natural items found in the area.


Pupils enjoyed the challenge and got to work straight away, finding sticks, grass…

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Forest schools 27/6/19

28 Jun 2019

This week We had another great session. We went on a bug hunt to find lots of pieces it was a very tricky to find all them all as some were tiny legs. Then we played 123 where are you Tyler hid in a bush and we couldn't find him for a long time! Everyone found a fab hiding place and some people…

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Forest Schools

19 Jun 2019

This afternoon some pupils got to take part in a forest schools lesson, We had a brilliant time. We started with a bug hunt, one team made a bee, one a butterfly and another a ladybird. some great team work and everyone found all their pieces. Next we played a Tree game that involved blindfolds. (…

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8R Forest School

16 May 2019

This week we have explored our forest schools to see what natural materials we could use to make a musical instrument. Pupils decided the the wooden blocks were wood, which comes from trees and therefore useable.


Pupils really enjoyed their games and freedom of the dip to create their own…

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8R World Book Day

8 Mar 2019

Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day, our class looked at the theme of Peter Pan. We read the story and made masks. We then talked about our favourite books and said why they are our favourite, 


During the day we also took part in the signing story of 'Each Peach Pear Plum', and we also…

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