19 May

Week 5 in Maple Class

Maple Class have had another lovely week enjoying our topic- Down on the Farm. We’ve explored the story of the Little Red Hen through Attention Autism, numbers songs and creative tasks and made the most of the lovely weather this week. During PE we have been accessing the balance  bikes, 3…

18 May

Sycamore - Who can I trust ?

Sycamore have been learning all about adults who we can trust. The children used a combination of their own family photos,  strangers that we know are safe e.g doctors and police and strangers that are not safe to categorise in the circle of trust . 
Mrs Banks worked with this group and started…

18 May

Sycamore learn about baptism

In sycamore today with Mrs Crouch the children learned all about baptism . As a class we talked about what a baptism is and what it means . Mrs Crouch showed the children how to baptise a baby , then all of the children had a go at being the Vicor to baptise the baby. 
The children used ‘holy…

16 May

The day the Buddhist Monk came to visit.

Today we had a visit from a Buddhist Monk, Kelsang Pagpa. All Buddhist monks are named Kelsang which means ‘fortunate one’ and his name Pagpa means ‘realised ultimate truth’.

He wore orange robes which are meant to symbolize simplicity and detachment of materialism.

He spoke to us about how…

12 May

7A Bake Off and library visit

This week was very exciting in 7A… we were decorating our Coronation cakes in our Bake Off competition!

Everyone found their designs and got to work on their masterpieces. We rolled out icing (some may have been eaten along the way!!) and cut out pieces to make the designs. We had different…

12 May

8P make mocktails !

In 8P today the children have obsevered how a mock tail is made. 
Then as a class we discussed the equipment and ingredients we will need to make our very own mocktail. 
The class all worked super hard independently to write a list of Ingredients and instructions how to make the perfect…

5 May

Happy 16th Birthday Thomas

On Friday in 11G the pupils celebrated Thomas’ 16th birthday at Escape Entertainment in Chorley.

We all travelled in style on the new 9 seater minibus. 

The pupils had pre-ordered their lunch. Some of them had pizza, which looked yummy! Others chose cheeseburger and pasta. They all enjoyed…

5 May

A Royal celebration in 7A.

This week is all about King Charles III Coronation.

7A have been extremely busy with all things royal.

We have researched on our IPads all about King Charles III so we know when he was born, who his mum was, who his children are, his hobbies and lots of other interesting facts.


5 May

Maple Class celebrate the King’s Coronation

Maple class have had a smashing time celebrating the King's Coronation.  
This week we have made crown biscuits in Food Tech, explored being the King during our sensory story, learned some key vocabulary during our AA sessions and decorated crowns. Thank you to everyone involved in ensuring our…

4 May

Earth Day in Maple Class

Last week Maple Class enjoyed the sensory story of Oliver’s Vegetables (a story about a little boy who only liked to eat chips!) Oliver visits his Grandpa’s garden to look for potatoes to make his favourite meal but finds lots of other vegetables which he tastes and really enjoys! Finally by the…

27 Apr

We are independent in 8P !!

Today in 8P we have been working on communicating instructions. 

The children needed to give precise instructions to Mrs Chaloner on how to make a jam sandwich. 
The children started at basics - get the bread out of the bag , use the knife spread the butter etc 

When the children…

24 Apr

Hands on for Earth Day in 7A.

Today we have learnt all about Earth Day.

We celebrate Earth Day to show how much we care about the Earth.

7A looked at a presentation about Earth Day 2023. They discussed all the different things we could do to help look after Earth, from recycling, walking instead of travelling by car or…