13 Oct

8P Autumn 1, Week 6 ☺️

We’ve had a fantastic week again! We have enjoyed activities linked to Halloween this week. The activities we’ve done this week include: 


  • Attention Autism sessions (what’s in the box) 
  • Carousels of activities 
  • Cooking (jam/chocolate spread…
7 Oct

8P Week 5 ☺️

We’ve had a fantastic week in 8P! The children have enjoyed: 

- Phonics lessons 

- carousels of activities in most lessons

- watching “We’re going on a Pumpkin Hunt” story again 

- discussing weekend news 

- going to the Café 

- going to…

22 Sep

8P SPACE Centre

8P had a fantastic time at the SPACE Centre today! 
They all made very good choices and we all had the best time.

We can’t wait to go again in two weeks. 
Keep up the good work, 8P!

16 Sep

8P Week 2 - what a great week!

8P had a fantastic second week back!

This week, we…

- Learnt about Smashing stereotypes

- Learnt about Florence Nightingale
- Were assessed by Miss Buck on reading and writing letters 

- Were assessed by Miss Buck on reading and writing numbers to 10/20 

- Continued to participate…

8 Sep

8P first week

8P had a fantastic first week with their new class staff! 

We enjoyed a range of activities, including:

- playing with the toys 

- joining in with a carousel of activities in every lesson 

- Attention Autism (what’s in the box) sessions

- learning about their new staff 


21 Jul

9A Chorley in Bloom

9A attended a trip with Mrs Tolan, Miss Buck, Mrs McShane and Miss Howarth on Tuesday! 
We enjoyed prepping the gardens for the competition by: 

- weeding 

- collecting vegetables to take back to school with us 

- watering the plants 


We then went to the park to attend a buffet…

21 Jul

9A Teddy’s ice cream van work experience!

Today, Teddy had a fantastic time performing work experience in the ice cream van that visited school for the end of the school year. He did an amazing job and followed instructions well. 

He learnt how to: 

- dispense ice cream out of the machine (with support) 

- put sherbet or…

14 Jul

9A Farm trip

On Wednesday this week, we went on our end of term trip to the farm! 
We had an absolutely fantastic time.

We did lots of activities including: 

- pets corner (holding small animals and petting larger animals) 

- calves feeding 

- visiting the other animals and feeding them 


30 Jun

9A Handball

9A completed their unit on Handball this week! 

This unit has included them learning handball skills, including: 

- defending e.g. making themself bigger so the attacker can’t get past 

(also learning how to protect the ball and the goal) 

- attacking e.g. how to shoot 


26 Jun

9A Sports Week

As well as participating in the arranged Sports Week activities this week, 9A have also had in-class lessons focused on particular sports this week. 


This has included: 

Monday - focused on different sports 

Tuesday - Went swimming and then played football in the…

23 Jun

Astley Park School Sports Week 2023

Astley Park pupils have had a fantastic time during Sports Week! 


We have participated in the following activities: 

Monday - Multisports 

Tuesday - Multisports/Fundamental Movement Skills/Football 

Wednesday - Multisports/Fundamental Movement Skills/Rugby 

Thursday -…

20 Jun

9A Rainbow Day and Water fight!

9A celebrated Rainbow Day by completing a carousel of activities in class linked to learning about different families. These tasks included: 

- being taught about different families by Miss Buck 

- researching rainbows 

- rainbow crafts 


We also participated in the parade on the…