21 Jul

The End of Term in 10R!

What a year in 10R! We've been busy, busy all year and this last week has been no different! On Monday we had our first transition session with Mr Murphy where he talked about what we would be doing when we got back in September and what he expects of us in year 11. In the afternoon we had our…

14 Jul

10R Got to the Anderton Centre Part 2

On Monday we had our second session at the Anderton Centre! This week we tried some on-land activities which we all did our best at.

We started the morning with archery where, before we could have a go, we listened to the safety instructions that Emily the instructor gave us. Everyone had a…

12 Jul

10R - Wagons role on the Oregan trail - Pioneer Day 2023.

Today we explored the Mormon celebration of Pioneer Day that is celebrated in Utah, America.  We learnt about Brigham Young, who in 1846, led like-minded people from New York, 2700 miles to Salt Lake City. They travelled pulling small wooden carts with their own belongings together with horses,…

30 Jun

10R Go to Blackpool!


Yesterday 10R had their end of term trip to Blackpool! When we arrived there, we headed down onto the beach and had some fun drawing in the sand with sticks and we went down to the water, trying to keep our feet dry while we did! We then walked along the beach and made our way up to the…

23 Jun

Summer Term 2 Week 3 in 10R!

This week in 10R we've had lots to do! On Monday we had our morning maths lesson and in the afternoon we had our first session of sports week when we played some relay games and activities. 

On Tuesday we continued with our ASDAN and our Preparation for Work Unit and in the afternoon we went on…

16 Jun

Summer 2 Week 2 in 10R

Well it's been a hot one this week!

We started Monday with a maths lesson and we had ASDAN in the afternoon, which we continued on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon we continued to read The Wizard of Oz in English and completed some more comprehension tasks.

Wednesday morning we had a short…

9 Jun

10R Summer 2 Week 1

10R have had a busy first week back after half-term! We jumped right into things on Monday, starting off with Maths in the morning, where we continued to learn about time and how to read a clock. In the afternoon we had a small game of rounders before it got too hot to continue, so we decided to…

24 May

10R Visit Lever Park!

Today 10R had their first visit to Lever Park at Rivington! We left just before lunch to arrive there for just after 12 o'clock and we enjoyed our lunch outside before we started our walk.

We took it easy today, sticking to the flat terrain alongside the reservoir and we made our way up to…

4 May

10R Summer Term Week 3

Even though it’s been short, 10R have had a jam-packed week!

on Wednesday in the morning we had some maths assessments to do, and in the afternoon we had our PE lessons where we learnt what a compass was and how to use one. We learnt about how to find the other directions once you have found…

26 Apr

My Choices and Earth Day in 10R

Today in KS4 it was our second 'My Choices' day and this time were centring it around Earth Day. In the morning we watched a video that told us all about Earth Day - when it was, when it was created and why we celebrate this event. We learnt different ways we can help our planet, including…

21 Apr

10R Summer Term Week 1

10R have had a very busy first week back after the Easter holidays!

On Monday we continued to look at inversion calculations in Maths and in the afternoon we began our new topic in Science, 'States of Matter', where we began to look at the difference between solids, liquids and gases.


24 Mar

Sharing our Learning with 10R!

Yesterday in 10R we had our second sharing our learning sessions with our parents and family members.

In the session we looked at making chocolate cornflake nests, following a recipe we had found online. In the morning we had been out to Tesco to buy all of the ingredients we would need, using…