11R on Safari !!

17 Oct 2018

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As part of our science work on the topic of "animal adaptation" and this half terms theme of Africa, 11R visited Knowsley Safari Park on Monday where we were able to see a number of animals native to the African Savannah such as zebras, rhinos, lions, antelopes and baboons. Our tour guide Ben,…


11R Class, 2018-19

The Greatest Showman

2 Oct 2018

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We watched The Greatest Showman in class.

The movie is about a man who makes the world see that it is OK to be different and unique and to show people that there is no such thing as normal or perfect. It shows how people need to treat other people when they are different. It teaches you to be…


11R Class

Blood, Bruises and 11R

4 Sep 2018

Category: 11R

Mrs. Cobham's daughter, Alice and Arran's brother, Jack came to our class to show us sfx makeup. She showed us how to make some realistic cuts and simple bruises using special makeup to create the effect. It was a really interesting experience and we enjoyed trying it on each other, while some of…


11R Class, 2018-19

Our Day Out

10 Jul 2018

Category: 11R

A fab day out in Blackpool today; drinks in the VIP area at the Beach Hut Café, the iconic Blackpool Circus and lunch in the classy Tower Ballroom.  Words that were used to describe today’s last 11R trip were awesome, amazing and great.


11R Class, 2017-18

Sharing Our Learning

9 Jul 2018

Category: 11R

We introduced parents to Play Dough Gym and pupils explained the different activities we use to regulate and get ourselves ready for learning.  Then they played the Kahoot Quiz that pupils had helped put together on Online Safety.  Parents proved that they are quite knowledgeable about the online…


11R Class, 2017-18, Computing, Online Safety

Headteacher's Blog - Summer Term 2 Rewards Trips

4 Jul 2018

Category: Headteacher

It was the Golden Ticket reward visits yesterday for both Primary and Secondary Phase.  

Our Primary pupils enjoyed a visit to Playpad in the morning and Secondary pupils enjoyed an afternoon at Hollywood Bowl.

It's such a pleasure to be able to lead these visits and spend some quality time…


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Class of 2018! Leavers Prom!

29 Jun 2018

Category: B4L

On Wednesday our Year 11 pupils enjoyed their Leavers Prom at The Oak Royal at Withnell. They spent the day getting ready either at home with parents or in school with staff. Some of the boys took a trip to the barbers in the morning with Mr Massey and Mr Buckley and came back looking very 'sharp'…


11R Class, 11G Class, B4L Class, 2017-18


20 Jun 2018

Category: 11R

On Tuesday this week Carol and Julie from Mayfield came to school to spend some quality time with our pupils transitioning there in September.  It was an ideal time to get to know each other a little better and ask any questions before the pupils visit this Thursday.

On Wednesday 5 of our…


11R Class, 11G Class, 2017-18

Moving On To College

14 Jun 2018

Category: 11R

Year 11 Preparing for their next steps – moving on to college.

Over the last week we have seen pupils visit their new colleges, Wigan & Leigh and ElmsBank in Bury.  We received a very warm welcome at both venues.  A big thank you to all the staff as we felt comfortable and really enjoyed our…


11R Class, 11G Class, Moving On

Astley Parks Year 11's show they are ready for their next big step to Cardinal Newman College

6 Jun 2018

Category: 11G

Today myself and Mr Flavell took some of our Year 11 pupils on their first college transition visit.  The day started with a bus trip to sharpen thier independent travel skills. The pupils showed just how well they can use their Now cards and travel in a polite and considerate manner amongst the…


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